SKI offers you the wide choice of the most exquisite count and composition of yarn available in India. We work through third party factories that ensures Compliance standards are clearly understood and sustained.

Annual audits, supporting customers initiatives, and regular on-site visits with a Compliance focus, ensure your requirement and reputation of your brand.

We are confident that our quality control can meet the most stringent quality requirements. Do get in touch with us to get more information on our yarn portfolio. We offer customized quantity delivery for orders of significant proportions.


SKI strong presence in Indian textile markets equips us to source fabrics that meet aspirational standards on aesthetics, performance, lead time, consistency and price. We are ideally placed to leverage the best possible opportunities to optimise values by ensuring efficient logistics links with the selected manufacturing location.

Our highly experienced technical teams push boundaries in performance fibres as well as new and specialised finishes for your brand's unique look. Fabric contracts are pre-produced at the mill, ensuring clarity of communication and agreement on the required standards for colour, touch, appearance and quality.

We source and develop a rich range of fabrics reflecting our product diversity - from fit to good value bases through to highest quality of natural yarns, textiles for aspirational clothing.

We are one of the few suppliers with our own technical teams who monitor mill production and testing at every stage of the process, from prototyping to full manufacture. Mill release and shipping to the factory is only permitted once your fabric has been approved to pre-agreed standards. This minimises risk and enhances speed of production, achieving a competitive delivery rate for your business.

- Fabric development to your technical brief

- Sourcing to find you a right supplier fabric which is fit for purpose

- Stringent testing from prototyping to bulk auditing

- Positive mill release to ensure quality as bought

- Cross costing

- Logistics management between mill and factory

Readymade Garments

SKI garment technical team have the expertise to develop innovative garments and trim, deliver quality control and brand protection at relevant market prices. We pay full attention to client confidentiality, technical briefing, pre-production piloting, fitting and costing.

We can work to any brief from a sketch to a full technical pack. Ratings and patterns are prepared in-house for a swift turnaround and accurate sampling. Our facilities are highly secure, guarding your brand confidentiality throughout the development process. We strive to achieve directional quality balanced with cost efficiency.

Sophisticated CAD capabilities enhance the planning of fit and silhouette. Globally sourced trims and accessories are meticulously tested and approved, with full audits undertaken annually on all supplier factories to ensure continued standards of excellence. We create a detailed production pack for each garment, with conscientious piloting to ensure the sample will be reproduced faithfully in bulk. All details of the garment as well as fabric hangers, trim requirements and paperwork are submitted to fit within your own approval procedures.

Our merchandising and procurement teams operate at the leading edge of the global apparel industry to achieve best values as well as flexible, quality controlled delivery. We drill down into your product specifications, using industry expertise to cross cost and negotiate on your behalf.

Forward capacity planning enables us to adapt production to your circumstances quickly and efficiently. Whether you seek a specific fabric or trim or you need a complete design and manufacturing solution, we are positioned up to deliver the bespoke service that best fits your requirements.

Our imaginative and dynamic approach to merchandising is born out of many years' experience for visibility and control. We proactively drive the whole supply chain to deliver in line with your critical path. We ensure that when issues arise we communicate quickly and transparently, supporting you in finding solutions that maintain a steadfast focus on cost benefits and crucial delivery dates.

Whether you have opted to buy on an FOB or CIF basis, we co-ordinate the timely dispatch of your goods in the agreed format.

Household Textiles

At SKI, quality, expertise and technology blend together to create standards that are beyond comparison for finest textile trends, product innovation and world class infrastructure. This allows us to explore and support the innovation of new textile products and functionalities.

The line ranges from basic to world-class fashion bedding ensembles decorative pillows, curtains, table linen, bath linen, and other filled products.

Our household textiles team are specifically trained to meet your business model and pricing structure as well as aesthetic and performance requirements.


For more details on catalouge and order quantity detials please contact us.